Ecu Service in Maryville, TN

Engine performance problems are not always what they seem. What would appear to be “mechanical” in nature is often related to a vehicle's engine control unit (or it’s powertrain control unit). An electrical rather than a mechanical element of your engine, the engine control unit works to ensure optimal engine performance by regulating a vehicle’s air-to-fuel ratio, idle speed, ignition timing and more. When it’s not performing properly, the engine itself will perform poorly.

Reliable Results and Expert Service

Like many electrical system issues, problems with an engine control unit can be difficult and tedious to diagnose. So if you’re experiencing issues with engine performance, it’s critical to choose a team you can trust to do the job right. At Chilhowee Benz Repair in Maryville, TN, we specialize in the expert diagnosis and repair of vehicle electrical system problems, including those related to the engine control unit. Our team of experts delivers the kind of reliable results you need, and our commitment to your satisfaction means you can expect excellent customer service.

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